Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Silver Sneakers

I did it, I woke up early. I actually woke up before my alarm and was pretty pumped about it.

I made Evan's lunch and made some passion tea. If you haven't tried it from Starbucks you should. I get the tea bags at Target.

OK, so last week I told you guys one of my hitch goals was to work out. HA, so today was day one. I really can't stop laughing about the entire situation. Since Evan's school starts at 9 I really can't make the early morning classes. Plus it was so cold this morning I really didn't want to work out.

But I am glad I did.

Seriously rethinking.

The only class that would work for me is 11:15 Cardio Circuit. Which does not really identify itself as silver sneakers on the schedule, but read the description on the back, and yes it is. WELL! I get there- bring Ryan to child watch, change from my snow boots into my sneakers and head on down to the upper studio.

First let me just say, I don't know how ya'll take pictures without feeling embarrassed. I wanted to take pictures of the studio and the people in it but b/n my giant 6+ phone and the fact that I was definitely being stared at, I just couldn't. For those of you who don't know silver sneakers is well, for the grandparents.

Now, I am no stranger to hanging out with the elderly. I showed up one day at the senior center asking if I could take the crochet class, and made some great friends. Over a year later these same ladies threw me the sweetest baby shower.

As soon as I walked in three woman came to talk to me. They were so nice and helpful. Of course they all thought I was way to young to be in the class. Even Barry the teacher was a little confused. I explained I just can't make any of the other classes that they offer. It is either early morning or dinner time and being home alone with the kids, I just can't make it work. He shook my hand, set me up and said good luck!

I have to say, the first 10 minutes were a little slow. I thought how will I ever make it through this boring hour. Then things got interesting. I am not even kidding, I was sweating. 

I can't even get through this without laughing to myself. Everything he said was in 8 counts... so as you can imagine... he would count.





five, six, seven, eight....

FUR you ask, I don't know. I have no idea where it came from or what he was really saying. It wasn't just a misunderstanding. That is how he counted. 

one, two, three, FUR. HA.

After about a half hour he started calling me out. For the most part I improvised a lot of the moves. I would squat and lunge... add extra weight etc. Well, during jumping jacks... I decided to just do them, like normal... instead of sitting on the chair and he yelled out that I should start doing burpees...

This was my first class in forever, there was no way I was going to do a burpee... I yelled back at him- baby steps!

So he told me since I was married and he can't take me to dinner, if I do burpees he will take me for coffee. I laughed! He is about 75 and probably could do more burpees than I could.

Let me also just tell you, the music. It was like rap for old people. I have never even heard it before. I just couldn't stop laughing.

After feeling the burn he had us do this exercise where we lined up, and pass the ball between your legs to the person behind you. Then the next person would do the same. Last person would run to the front and start again. OK.... I can't even tell you. There is nothing worse than being behind an older guy who's trying to bend over and pass a little ball between his legs to you.... and you are trying to fish out this ball - because with all his might, he is just not that flexible. I was sandwiched between two guys. So one guy would pass the ball to me, and I would squat so carefully to not stick my sweaty bum in this poor old mans face.... he was not confident he could get the ball so he really tried to reach up for it- just not ok. These silver sneaker folks are competitive and don't like to lose so you can imagine the hustle.

So this botched story concludes that yes, I will be back to silver sneakers.... because I loved every minute of it! 

I ran from class and changed into my suit and took a 10 minute hot tub refresh. 

Got dressed and got this kid from child watch! Oh how he loves it there. Here we are having our snack.

I picked Evan up from school early because of the snow and came home to start dinner and do some laundry. I made grilled chicken with riced cauliflower and some mushrooms.

We have about six inches of snow out there. ugh. sigh.

I am starting to make my easy pumpkin bread for breakfast. 

If you want other fast recipes check out my Pinterest page. I try and collect quick, easy and sometimes only two ingredient recipes.

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