Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet Our Dining Room


We are in our third trimester of dining room renovations.  Homestretch!  Seriously, I feel like this project has been going on forever, and it kinda has. 

We bought our house in 2006.  We were young 20-somethings.  We weren't married let alone engaged... we just got out of college and we decided to buy a "fixer upper"

My one regret in life- buying a "fixer upper"  We literally bought the first and only house we looked at.  It was a good price.  It was close to my work at the time, so why not right?!!?  

We hit the "bad idea" mark twice.... We ignored said diagram.

Looking back, I am pretty sure I was blindfolded as I walked through this house because somehow I did not notice the blue eagle wall paper in the dining room or the fact that the kitchen didn't even have any drawers.  Also, we didn't know what it would be like to raise a family in this house, had I known I probably would have liked to have my main bathroom upstairs with the bed rooms.  Bath time with the kids would be so much easier if we were upstairs...

So fast forward about a year...
This is what our dining room looked like after a year of hard work and moving in.  We decided on a primitive style decor.  We had a lot of stuff hanging on the walls, tons of nick nacks on the shelves and everything including the curtains were dark earthy tones. 

These are the best photos that I could find. Looking at these photos with these colors and decorations the room looks really small.  In my opinion primitive decor is a lot of clutter.  You can have a lot of things hanging on the wall or items sitting on counters and tables.  

We picked Lenox Tan for all the rooms downstairs.  We added this wall paper boarder above the chair rail.  I think the colors really went well together.  On top of the dining table there is a lazy susan.  Matt's parents got us this for Christmas one year.  It is an old french wine barrel top.  We still use it to this day.

When we bought the house this room was really closed off.  Matt's dad opened it up with another walk through on the right.  It really made a huge difference.  Especially having two boys now they run circles around this center stair case.

SO, fast forward another 7 years and that is when everything changed for me.  I was now a mom to a little boy.  There wasn't anything baby friendly in this house.  Every nick nack on the built ins were breakable, all the end tables and small chairs were easily tipped.  I had small little lantern lights in arms reach of little fingers.  

My Pinterest obsession kicked in and I convinced Matt to start this major house renovation project.  Evan was 5 months old when we started.  We've done so much since Jan 2013 and we have SOO SO SO SO much more to do.  

I don't really have any good pictures of the dining room after we renovated the first time... but as you can see in this photo what we decided to do was paint the top a light green and the bottom white.  We added wainscoting to the bottom under the chair rail.  We also changed the decor in the room.  We got these belgian flax linen drapes from Pottery Barn.

We added the Holman Entertaining Shelves from Pottery Barn.  They are on sale right now.  We got 2 top racks and 2 bottom racks and put them together like they have in this picture. We got them in black.

I don't recommend them.  Matt had to use extra screws through the wood to support the weight.  We filled the top with wine like they did and all our glasses were hanging.  We just didn't feel confident that over time this will hold the weight and after 3 years of having it, it did crack.  I am not sure we will be able to rehang it once we finish the dining room.  

Here we are taking them down.  We had a buffet table under the wine rack.  We used it to hold our good silverware and also to put food on during the holidays and when we had company.  The two poofs the kids are sitting on are from Target.  We got them to use as extra seating.  We just keep them under the buffet.  

The rug is the Pottery Barn Bosworth rug in gray.  It is an 8x10.  We got this rug pad to go underneath to add extra padding and comfort. 

Here we are taking down the buffet hutch that you can see in the first picture.  This is currently what we are working on right now.  We are going to reframe the inside of the hutch to build new shelves and a new buffet style.

Matt took down the existing walls and then everything was piled into a wheelbarrow.  

The boys helped clean up the rubble and what mess was left.

The boys love helping dad with anything and everything.  

We decided we were going to frame in a smaller size hutch inside the existing space.  We needed to make some cuts...

Taking a break and thinking it might be a good idea to add a slider... maybe a porch off the dining room with outside seating... 

Renovations with kids means the job will take twice as long.  

We still have so much to do and we are making progress.  I will keep you updated. 

Have a great day!  Tomorrow is Friday!!! YAY

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