Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Talk.... All Things Beauty & Makeup

Good Morning Monday.  

I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika to talk about all things beauty and makeup.  

I think it is so important to have a great skincare routine before you apply any makeup.  I really think there is nothing worse than applying a full face on dirty skin.  Exfoliation and hydration are key to having a flawless makeup look.

I started using R + F products almost a year ago but before that I really had dabbled in a little bit of everything.  A few months ago I really cut back on how much of the R + F I was using because I felt like I had my breakouts under control and I really was happy with the results.  So I started using some of my old tried and true favorites.  I still use them in between the unblemish and I also use some of them with the line. 

Years ago I bought this clarisonic and I have loved it ever since.  The device itself is pretty pricey but it really does an excellent job of cleaning they skin and removing old makeup and dead skin.  The battery really lasts a long time and the only maintenance is replacing the brush head every so often.  I replace mine every 3-6 months depending on how much I use it.  I do clean it once a month though.  This was an awesome purchase!

I love this cleanser.  I use this alone or with the brush.  I think it is gentle enough to use if you have sensitive skin.  

Clinique "Take the Day Off" Eye Make Up Remover has been in my drawer for years.  I mean YEARS.  I started buying this probably in high school.  I used it for so long I can't even tell you how many bottles of this stuff I've purchased over the years.  It works awesome.  I really don't like spending a lot of time at night taking off my makeup and I realize how important it is so using this really helps speed it up.  I just use a little dab and it goes a long way.

You probably instantly thought "I have oily skin, I am not putting oil on my face" and I said the same thing but trust me, it is awesome and you will love it.  This is amazing at taking off your day's makeup.  I don't usually wear a lot but when I do, I never need to spend a lot of time wiping it off, it just comes off.  It rinses completely off so you aren't left with any residue.  Just clean, soft, glowing skin.

I love this.  It is so soft and luxurious.  You feel so fancy wearing it and it really does make your skin feel so soft.  I love using this after exfoliation.  I started using this in my early 30's because it is meant to help fine lines and wrinkles.  I think this is something I will keep in my product line for years because I do believe over time it will work.  It is pricey but worth it.  You can use it for daytime and overnight.  It is super hydrating.  I think a little goes a long way which I like.

I don't use this all the time but it was one of my beauty staples.  I think a little bottle really does last because I haven't needed to replenish in a long time.  I think it is super lightweight and does not ever feel greasy on your face. 

I never used to worry about hydrating around my eyes until I started noticing fine lines.  I also am now a mom and have dark circles because well, as moms you just never get enough sleep and we are always tired.  So I started to use concealer and I was noticing that under my eyes were really dry.  I bought this and I have noticed a difference.  A little bit goes such a long way and I really think over time with consistent use your eyes will become more hydrated.

I got this when I was pregnant with Evan.  It was my first pregnancy and I got pregnant in December. My body quickly changed and my skin became SO SO amazingly clear.  With that clearing up, my skin really dried up.  I was walking through the mall and I stopped at a counter to try a sample and fell in love.  I thought it was so calming on my skin.  I got it and started using it that night and every now and then before bed I slather it on and lather it up and I feel so hydrated the next morning.

I wanted to buy these glow pad tanning wipes for your face and while searching through all of his products I came across this serum and was reading all about it.  I started reading reviews and I thought that this is something I should try.  I thought it was a little expensive so I was very hesitant.  I am so happy I decided to try it.  I was such a sucker for the sun when I was younger.  I would slather on baby oil and lay out at the beach for hours.  Now at 35 I am so regretting those decisions.  I would buy this again because I feel like it really is strong enough to do the job but gentle enough to apply at home instead of going to spa to have some fancy treatment done.

This smells so awesome and I love using it.  It has shea butter and natural oils like olive and macadamia.  It is so soft on the skin.  It is good for really dry skin.  I use it after the shower and I can go through an entire bottle during the winter.  It feels amazing.  

I am a mom so lets face it, I don't have a lot of time in the morning to get out the door.  This is what I do when I do put on makeup.  I think even just that five minutes you can spare for yourself will make your day so much better.  I think you feel better when you look better so take the time to do you.

Thanks for stopping by.  Join us in May when we talk about what we are up to for the summer.  I still have so many ideas, and sadly, there is just so little summer.  


  1. Great layout for this post and a couple of things I think I need to try!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

    1. Thank you for stopping by... Let me know which products you try and how you like them :)


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