Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am linking up today with a few of my favorite bloggers to bring you some of my favorites from this week. 

Also, I am working on creating a Loren Lately Facebook page. I created an Instagram tab within the blog so you can click to the right and scroll through. I have to be honest, I never felt as though I would be sharing them with anyone. I made the feed public so hope you like! I know I need to take more photos :)

I have been using Rodan & Fields for almost a year now and I love it. I started out using the unblemish line. I was very skeptical at first because years back I used proactive and I didn't find that that it helped. I am never going back to anything else. In fact, after I finish up this regimen I am going to switch over to the reverse. 
I also purchased the derm paste and the serum from the anti-age line and it is amazing. I highly recommend you try it. 


THIS! I love this bb cream. I never really understood what a bb cream was or what it did but whatever it is supposed to do, its doing. It has an SPF in it. It smells nice, its creamy, and it provides great coverage. I usually put it on with my beauty blender but you can also just put it on with your fingers. Its that easy. & cheap! I hate spending money on new products... I always feel like they never work out the way that I hoped but this won't disappoint. I found it on amazon and for $10-$12 you can't go wrong.


My husband loves fish! He originally got this to use as a marinade. I don't like fish (I know, I know) but he kept telling me how yummy it was so I tried it on my chicken. Then I tried it on my vegetables, and basically now I even use it as a salad dressing. It is awesome. 


Get these sheets! You will sleep like a baby.

Or. You will sleep like a toddler. I think it is safe to say we all sleep really well on these sheets. They are so comfortable and wash so well. We have such a deep mattress and they really reach all the way down and around. 

(I'm still learning on how to link products so be patient, I promise after another 100 youtube videos I will have figured it out and will make it much easier to find these products)


We got 5 chickens last may. The kids were so excited. They were so cute and fluffy. Evan named one of them Bob Apples and the other was Nuffin. The kids love feeding them bread and getting their eggs in the morning. Being on a high protein diet I go through a lot of eggs and who doesn't love breakfast for dinner!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! We are going into some record breaking lows next week. Wish us luck- I just put away all the kids snow stuff and I see two days of snow on my forecast :( 

Happy Friday!

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