Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Corner Cabinet

I was ready to start spring cleaning. I had my cleaning supplies ready and my lists made. We were having some warm weather and I was feeling inspired. Then this happened.

No, not really. Although it felt like that. We have had two small storms over the past few days that dropped about 4" each. Some of the snow has melted but this week it is going to be pretty cold. I don't see it all leaving us just yet.

So my spring cleaning itch sort of went away but I felt like I still needed to get something accomplished. Do you have that dreaded corner cabinet in your kitchen? The one with the big black deep hole into the back where dishes go to never been seen again? 

We do and I strongly urge you to avoid designing your kitchen with one. If I had the chance to do it over again I would some how do it without corner cabinets and a lazy suzan. Dislike.

So I decided to tackle that corner cabinet. I do this probably more often than most normal people and it still is bad. Each time I do it I throw a few things away. I ask myself when was the last time I used this, does anyone even like this & will my husband notice.

First step, take it all out of the cabinet. Wipe everything down inside.

Start putting items back that you know you will keep.

To go coffee mugs

Water bottles and protein shakers

Mason jars. We use these a lot. We put prepared oatmeal to go in them, we put candies for the kids, and maple syrup when we make it.

Now, my organization for this cabinet is still under construction. Always is. As long as we are putting round objects inside square-ish type rectangles I just don't think it will work. If you have a better solution please tell me.

Make a pile of items you haven't used and think you can get rid of. 

Like these plastic coffee mugs we stole from the hospital when Evan was born. I thought how cool would it be to have these while we take Evan camping, and it will remind us about his birth and we can tell him all about it. #weprobablywerechargedfiftybucks

However, these mugs are keepers. Father's Day gifts live on.

As I said, I do this often and I still have stuff to toss. This is a compilation of items that I think can go. Evan's expired multivitamin, xmas candy canes, free mugs that we were given (and who doesn't take free) glitter (yes get rid of ALL the glitter) a big box of raisins that were holding ONE raisin, old doritos, and animal feed from the zoo HA, what!

Next, get a tin or basket and gather all small items that get lost or knocked over in the cabinet. Stuff you reach for daily. For us it is the dogs medicine. Our dogs are on all types of fish oil pills, arthritis stuff etc... plus Evan's fluoride pill that he takes daily and our fish food. Keep that together in a container and weed out any expired meds or stuff that you just don't need. 

This was a bin of collected stuff. I went through it, put most of it back where it really belongs, cleaned out some crumbs and was left with about 4 bottles and lots of space.

Make sure you have a basket for easy to reach snacks for kids. I have a little white basket that holds pre packaged goods. I can just grab and go when I am running late. No need to stand there and fill a zip lock baggie full of pretzels or gold fish. 

Keep this basket up front. My kids have learned where this is and when Ryan wants something he will just point up to the cabinet.

Put everything back into that space and call it a day.

Now you'll notice, less clutter. More space.. However, don't be fooled. It is just wasted space. There is nothing easy about reaching into this cabinet for anything. 

Happy Hump Day friends.

I have word that the chickens are hatching in Evan's classroom and he is SO excited.

Matt's view this morning!

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