Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hitch Goals

Matt left this morning for the ship. He will be home in a month. There is a lot I want to accomplish in the next four weeks. They call his rotation schedule a hitch. The hitch right now is 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.

Every time he leaves I start a to do list of the items that I want to accomplish that hitch. 

It is always hard the first few days getting back into the swing of things. It usually is toughest on Evan. However, getting to sleep in Mommy's bed isn't so bad! 

Aside from the obvious spring cleaning items, I need to clean out my car. Especially the kids car seats. Food and crumb overload. If I am cleaning the car seats I might as well clean the stroller. I plan on doing a lot of fun field trips with this kids this summer. I need last years crumbs cleaned up.

I am going to start putting my winter stuff in bins. I need to see what I will keep and what I will donate. I also need to go through the boys summer stuff. I'll put the heavy boots away, and I will go through all the hats and mittens. 

I also told myself I am going to get up early every day. I am going to set my alarm so I can have some quiet time before my kids wake up. Today was my first fail. I set the alarm for 5am! I woke up and just couldn't do it. I think I needed a little extra time. So here I am an hour later, drinking my coffee but I can hear Ryan crying MOMMMA. I will try again tomorrow!


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