Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Hi!  I feel like its been a while since I did one of these posts.   The last Wednesday of the month I link up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To to answer these questions.

In our What's Up Wednesday post- so lets take a look.

What we're eating this week...

I recently went off my IP diet.  If you are interested in what I eat when I am on this you can see my post HERE.  It is just really hard to be on the IP diet when I am going through fertility treatments since all the meds cause weight gains and bloating so I got off but after this is all over, depending on the outcome I'll pick it back up.

I've been adding these into our meals this week.  They are delish and sometimes I use a little butternut squash sauce and the kids love this.

I made a sweet kale salad with grilled chicken.  I added carrots, green apples, cucumber, cilantro, avo and a little pancetta.  It was so yum!  The kids loved it and I added a little greek yogurt dressing I made earlier in the week.  So yummy with the pancetta.  It adds a little extra crisp.

What I'm reminiscing about...

We are gearing up for another fun Easter around these parts.  The boys are so excited to get out our decorations and they are looking forward to seeing that cute bunny.  I remember these pictures like they were yesterday.  I swear Evan was 8months old just the other day.  Why does it go so fast... yet at 2am when they are up wide awake, the clock moves so slow.

What I'm loving...

I bought this cookbook at Anthropologie over the summer and I have been making a lot of new recipes.  It is such a good read and the pictures are amazing.  If you can't find it anymore at Anthro I know that amazon carries it.

What we've been up to...

This guy has been taking ski lessons.  He did amazing his first day.  I was so proud of him.  I had one smiling and laughing the entire day and the other guy crying because all he wanted to do was ski like his brother.  Soon bud, so soon.

What I'm dreading...

You IVF ladies know what I mean... The dreaded two week wait.  After our upcoming transfer I need to wait two weeks to see if it worked.  That is torture.  I heard this book is really great, I should give it a go.  Hopefully it will pass the time and keep my mind focused on something else.

What I'm working on...

I am creating more content for the blog and also pinning away like crazy as we start to get ready for spring renovations up north.

What I'm excited about...

Ahh, so excited for spring and our trip down south.  I booked a trip for me and the kids to go see family and friends the last two weeks of Matt's next hitch in Korea.  I hope that we leave Massachusetts with frigid cold temps and gray skies... and come back to spring with green grass and chirping birds.  

What I'm watching/reading...

I am reading The Twilight Wife.  I am struggling a bit bc I am not totally in love with it yet but I want to figure out the truth behind her story so I am still going strong.  Also, I am super excited for this show to start back up again next week.

I loved the first season.  It took almost an entire year to come back to TV but I am excited.  I can't wait to find out what happens.

What I'm listening to...

Ever since Mix and Match Mama mentioned she listens to the french cooking channel throughout her home.... I started and I became addicted.  I play it in my kitchen through Alexa... and every morning I turn it on and it carries me through the day.  I also added the italian channel which I totally love as well.  She is playing now.

What I'm wearing...
yes to carrots sheet mask (soothe)

alba botanica

neutrogena acne light therapy mask

acure brightening scrub

glow mask

I know you ladies expected to see some threads but nope.  These are the masks that have been on rotation.  I have been wearing one a night and I have to say I am noticing huge improvements in my skin.  Not only am I using a mask or some sort of funky pink device but I also am using serums and creams/lotions as part of my daily routine as well.  I also love a good ol' biore pore strip. 

What I'm doing this weekend...

Daddy is coming home this weekend after a long 6 weeks.  Oh man, it has been a rough go.  We got nailed with snow, hit with a weeks worth of stomach bug garbage, and I started my 4th IVF cycle.  Lots of needles, blood work, ultrasounds -the works.  So I am super excited to get back into a relaxing mode and enjoy the two weeks we have together before he is gone again.  Jeesh - time flies.  

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Lounging and relaxing in these cabanas.  OK, so I won't be lounging and it will hardly be relaxing.  I am a mom.  Of two boys.  At a beach.  But the last time I was here I was pregnant, lounging and relaxing.  That is how I remember it.  I just can't wait to go back and feel that warm sun and share this experience with my boys.

What else is new...
I can't think of anything else.  I am pretty much doing the same ol' same ol' !! 

What is the one beauty product I can't live without?

That is a tough one.  
I can't pick just one but I suppose if I must I would probably say moisturizer.  I can't live without something covering my face.   Right now I am using a medical grade made by my esthetician.  If you are local to Boston area you can get it.  It is calming fluid and works amazing.

Hope to see you tomorrow, thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk

Morning Tuesday!  I am exhausted.  I am so over this week.  I am so ready for Daddy to get home.  

Ashley and Erika started a link up called Tuesday Talk where you can literally join in and talk about anything.  Last month I talked about my infertility struggles. 

It was a very personal link up for me.  I never shared that type of information on the blog before but I have to say, after having opened up about it a lot of you wrote and thanked me for being so open about my struggle and shared that you were going through it also.  I am so glad to have helped at least one person.  I hope to inspire many more along this fertility journey.

Now on to something else.

Can we chat about decor?!?!  Farm life & Mountain Living!! :)

We are buying a log cabin up on a mountain of New Hampshire.  We already have land up there and since my husbands dream is becoming a farmer and being one with the land.... I have resorted to looking on Houzz for home decor.  

My husband and I are long lovers of New Hampshire and the mountains.  We got married on top of a mountain, we took a honeymoon to Colorado for two weeks of mountain climbing and now we are building / renovating our "hopefully" dream home.

A little back story!  We have 35 acres up north and Matt worked so hard at clearing the land.  Our plan was to build this amazing timber frame dream home.  Fast forward a little bit and here I am pregnant and not so sure I want to live in the middle of no where.  So we stuck it out here in Mass for a few more years.  I thought since Matt is away at work so much maybe I should stay local with family while I - you know, have a baby and become a mother. 

Fast forward 4 years and we got this parenting thing down... We are ready to move and we couldn't be more excited.   

We just love the lake, we love the mountains and we love the solitude.  Instead of building we decided to buy a home and renovate it.  So here she is... mountain life is so amazing.  

We will start renovating this spring.  Our plan is to completely refinish the interior.  Sand the walls, replace the floors, paint, refinish the bathrooms and completely gut the kitchen. 

This is where we want to raise a family. 

We have so much work to do but yet we are so excited.  We will probably start with the exterior.  It only makes sense to work on the outside while it is nice out and save the inside work for those winter months. 

Our hopeful plan is to work on this while we live in Massachusetts.  Hopefully by the start of school next year we will be all settled in our new home.  I can't say anything for certain since our plans are always changing but as of now, this is our plan.   


We love the lake life.  We love taking our boat out early morning for a sunrise and hot coffee.

The boys love fishing.

We love taking the boat across the lake for lunch or ice cream.  

We are just super excited to see what this mountain life has in store for us.  Who knows if this will be our forever place.  The place where we grow old and where our grandkids come back to visit... but what we do know is that we are super excited to start this venture.

I hope that you follow along and check out my Pinterest to see what I have in store for our renovations.  Thanks for stopping in.  I'll see you tomorrow with my What's Up Wednesday post... and after tomorrow we will be in official countdown mode.

See ya.

Monday, February 20, 2017

What I Eat in a Day on Ideal Protein

Hi everyone!  I know a lot of you have been asking me about my Ideal Protein diet that I started a few weeks back so I thought I would do a fun "what I eat in a day" post. 

A few disclaimers:

I am not a doctor.

I do what works for me. 

I work with a coach at "my diet place" -which is what I call it.  

I have been on the diet now for a few weeks and I have lost 5-7 pounds...  I say 5-7 because having a menstrual cycle during the diet (in my instance) makes me gain weight.  For the most part though I can comfortably say that I lost 7 pounds. 

So here is what my day looks like.

For breakfast I have one IP food which happens to be my favorite.... the vanilla crispy square.  This is amazing and delicious and I would eat this even if I wasn't on the diet.  I love it.  It tastes just like a rice crispy treat with a strong vanilla taste that I just love.

I have this along with my 8 oz coffee (I am allowed 1 oz of cream a day and that is equivalent to two tablespoons) so I use one tablespoon in my morning cup and if I have another cup later in the day I can have another tablespoon.   Usually mid afternoon I like to have an ice coffee so that is where the second tablespoon usually comes in. 

That is it for the morning... 

Now on to lunch.  

I am usually on the go so I just grab another vanilla crispy square and throw it in the diaper bag.  This is how they are packaged.  They package 7 separate bars in a box.

That is all I have for lunch.  

So let me break down for you what is in each square.

Total Fat 4.5g
Sat Fat 3.5g
Trans fat 0
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 190mg
Postassium 95mg
Total Carbohydrates 17g
Dietary Fiber 9g
Sugars 3g
Sugar Alcohol 3g
Protein 15g

Total Calories 150
Calories from Fat 40

You are also supposed to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water.  We have all heard this before.  We should be drinking that much regardless of any diet.  It is just necessary for your body.  

My trick is to fill up 3- 32oz bottles in the morning and drink them by the end of the night.  I like to drink extra water because I typically drink more coffee than I should on this diet... the extra water flushes out the coffee.  I also add crystal light to some of the bottles when I find myself really slacking or struggling to get the water down.  I sometimes will even add an extra 32oz bottle.. reaching my goal of 1 gallon of water a day.

Drinking water is SO SO SO important on this diet.  

Moving on to dinner.

I am supposed to have 6 oz of protein and 4 cups of veggies a day.  The veggies I typically eat are squash, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and cauliflower. 

I should note that you can consume these veggies any time of day.  If you want to have two cups of veg for lunch you can.  I don't because I am usually on the go and I am a poor planner.  But certainly feel free to have some for lunch.  

I think this diet is perfect for me because I don't get sick of eating the same things.  I also love this because it is mindless.  I don't have to count points etc.. I just stick to what I like and the IP foods are so easy to transport.

I usually cook up some broccoli rice here and there and add a bunch of spices to it.  It is so delicious. I also add this in salad for extra flavor.

You can use dried herbs on any veggie.  I love rosemary so I add that to a lot of what I eat.

Grilling veggies also changes the flavor and adds a little more excitement to what can be a bland boring meal.  These meals are typically my go to every single night.

I want to mention that you are able to eat unlimited amounts of certain veggies that are listed in the IP guide.  Some of those unlimited veggies are cucumbers, celery, & iceberg lettuce.  If you are really hungry during the day snack on cucumbers... and satisfy that craving of chewing.  

You can have unlimited salad (without dressing of course) throughout the day.  Have a salad with your IP food at lunch.  Add a salad in your dinner menu.  

IP will also give you a list of alternatives for items that you need on your food.  For example, if you just need to have butter on your veggies... you can use I can't believe its not butter spray.  Also if you need to have a dressing on your salad (I usually don't need that) but you can make your own with two tbsp of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and spices... there you go.. There is a perfect dressing for you.

There is a company called Walden Farms that makes 0 calorie dressing and syrups if you need to add certain flavors to your food.  I have tried them and I don't like them so I don't even bother with them.  

After dinner I have a chocolate wafer.  This is a restricted snack, meaning I can only eat one of these packages a day.  They are super delicious and go amazing with a hot cup of tea. 

Total Fat 9g
Sat Fat 6g
Trans fat 0
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 90g
Potassium 20mg
Total Carbohydrates 13g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 6g
Protein 15g

Total Calories 200
Calories from Fat 80

Lets take a little look at my start weight and end weight... shall we.

So when I started the diet I was 127.6 (this is my home scale)  I don't know if the percent body fat is accurate so I don't bother with that.. I like to just see the number.

After one week I was down to 124.6

The following week after that I was down to 123.2

Now here we are, my current weight is 122.2

I meet with my coach every Wednesday where she weighs me, talks about my food for the week, where I struggled etc and takes all my measurements.  What is also really cool about this diet is not only seeing the number go down on the scale but also to see the inches shrink.  I lost a great deal of inches in my waist.  A lot of that was bloat.... I love carbonated beverages particularly soda so after I cut that out, I lost quite a bit.  

I should say that you are allowed to have seltzer water... so those polar seltzers are great.  Although if you are like me and bloat affects you then you might want to stay away from that.

I love this diet because for me it works.  You don't have to think while on it and they really recommend you not exercise the first phase because of the limited calories you are consuming. 

They also give you a list of supplements such as potassium since that they require you take.  You aren't getting all the nutrition normally through food so this step is very important.  

If you are thinking of doing this diet I suggest looking to find an office near you and schedule a consult.  I am very happy with this program.  I love that I see results and I see them quickly.  It keeps me going and energized for more. 

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.  I would be happy to help.  
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